President’s Letter on Freedom

The mission of the American Security Council Foundation (ASCF), since 1958, has been to support activities and programs that promote and strengthen national security, economic security, and moral leadership of the United States of America.

Government: Elected members of Congress with hyper-partisan “resistance” politics led to unproven Russian collusion accusations, the Muller Report, impeachment, and Supreme Court appointment slanders. Unionized government bureaucrats in the FBI and DOJ aided and abetted the “resistance” to overthrow a duly elected president. Instead of working to solve problems, they “resisted” for the sake of obtaining power and engineering a coup.

The Media: This Republic cannot survive without a free and honest press and an informed citizenry. American citizens are under the impression that we have a free press. The monolithically progressive media has perfected the art of scandal management. And they are getting away with it.

“Malicious Media” best describes media that communicates communist/progressive/socialist doctrine. Social media, the internet, television, and print media are censoring and manipulating news and content. The Cancel Culture ostracizes anyone who disagrees with “woke” culture that claims there is systematic racism and social injustice in America. The Hunter Biden laptop scandal never appeared in malicious print or social media.
“Internet” Today, we see our given right of expression and free speech taking a dramatic decline due to the internet’s thought repression, said to be the greatest scandal to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Free thoughts are not allowed and conservative thoughts are buried on the internet; they are not expressed or are misinterpreted.
Education: From universities with tenured Marxist professors, through K-12 schools with progressive teachers and textbooks, our children are being taught to vilify America and its founding principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Socialism and/or Communism is praised while capitalism, free markets, equal justice for all, and the individual’s freedom of speech and religion are condemned. Marxists indoctrinate textbooks and “The New York Times” 1619 Project are examples of communist strategy to weaken America through false narratives of American history. Instead of instilling pride in the greatest nation in history, they instill hate and disdain. In some schools, students are made to “unlearn” given rights, religious beliefs, and practices. Through mandatory year-long courses, i.e., sociology of change and changing the world, students are taught to unlearn our history. The war against our culture is on.


We are in an undeclared war with China.

Our Nation needs to be informed that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) worships power, has the objective of ruling the world, and rules through tyranny, lies, and deceit with no moral qualms. The Chinese Communists, with capitalistic fraud, have expressed the desire of global ambitions to the detriment of the free world.


Moral Leadership in our government is for our leadership to make ethical decisions.

We, The American Security Council Foundation believe in America. We believe that the American people will reaffirm its culture of equality of all before the law. We believe that this Nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as our rights which are bestowed upon us by our Creator.



Dr. Henry A. Fischer
President & CEO