Communism Survivor Series

Communism Survivor documents the lives of those who have lived through Communism or similar ideologies such as Socialism, Marxism, or totalitarianism. The series aims to educate Americas by giving them real-life account. The intention is to compare Communism and similar ideologies with the principles of democracy and free enterprise.

Communism Survivor Series I: Hungary under Soviet rule

The first Communism Survivor series details the life of American Security Council Foundation (ASCF) Senior Advisor, Steve Szilagyi, living in Hungary under Soviet rule. This seven part series documents Steve's story of the poor conditions he grew up in and his struggle to come to America. His story is a warning to Americans and all people around the world to never embrace Communism or similar ideologies.

Steve Szilagyi, Part I - Living under Soviet rule

Steve Szilagyi, Part III - Coming to America

Steve Szilagyi, Part V - Universal Health Care

Steve Szilagyi, Part II - Defecting from Hungary

Steve Szilagyi, Part IV - Joining the U.S. Military

Steve Szilagyi, Part VI - Universal Health Care

Steve Szilagyi, Part VII - You don't deserve what you don't work for!


Communism Survivor Series II: A Jew in the Ukraine under Soviet rule

Listen as Art Gonsky discusses what it was like growing up as a Jew under U.S.S.R. rule in present-day Ukraine. Art compares his experiences to America's current situation today. He emphasizes the importance of education and pride in one's country.

Communism Survivor Series III: Leaving Cuba

Listen as Junie Lopez documents her childhood memories growing up in Cuba. The feelings of her family's decision to leave Cuba and escape to Spain and finally come to America.